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Stuff 4 Gel/TPU Funda De Teléfono Para Sony Xperia C/e/M Cubierta/teléfono inteligente/Retro tech-

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Full Camera Access Unique to every phone and precisely engineered, all clear cases have access to allow use of the camera and flash. Designed with a raised bevel, you can place your phone on surfaces without the risk of scratching your camera lens.
Edge Protection and Easy Grip Fitting snug to all corners of your phone, our gel case will ensure you have all the edges protected against bumps and scrapes. Meanwhile, the TPU material is provides easy and extra grip to your phone.
Shock Resistant Bumper Shaped to go around the sides of your mobile and fit with a simple operation, all cases are naturally shock absorbing providing additional levels of protection.
Front Lift Bevel The front lift bevel provides optimal lift to protect your phone screen from scratches and scuffs. This allows your phone to be placed face down on many flat surfaces without the risk of scratching or damaging the screen.

Price: GBP 7,90

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