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Mejor Kossel XL Aluminio carros efector Magnético brazos 345mm Impresora 3D-

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Kossel XL Effector, Carriages, Magnetic Arms Set

Based on the K800 Kossel setup but with a slight modification to change the angle of the magnetic cups on the effector to face the arms, which improves magnet holding
The arms are 345mm so would suit a Kossel XL printer with a bed diameter around 300mm, though could be used on a slightly smaller machine also, arms made on a jig to ensure they are all the same length

Arms are 6mm woven carbon fibre extended by bonding into larger woven carbon fibre tubes

Effector and carriages are cast anodised aluminium

Carriages have 20x20 hole spacing to suit MGN12H linear rails or similar spacing roller carriages etc

Comes with aluminium groove mount block to mount popular hotends such as e3d v6

If you wanted you could return to the standard K800 effector with the magnets flat, by removing the magnets from the extensions and pressing them into the effector
This configuration though offers less holding force and will result in more disconnected magnets during high speed/acceleration

In the UK available for immediate shipping

Shipping to UK mainland free, Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland please email for a shipping quote

Valor: GBP 69,95

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