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Zebra Case-Raspberry Pi3, Pi 3, Pi2, B " 2B (True Blue) con disipadores térmicos ~ C 4 Labs-

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Zebra True Blue Case
This enclosure frames the Raspberry Pi's elegance,
while leaving access to the GPIO pins, and keeps it safe

The board is firmly locked into the middle of the case, ensuring
it will not move around during use

Air vents allow cool air to flow over the surface of the board, and exit through the top of the case

We use only top quality stainless steel screws which is just one of the ways we reflect
C4Labs commitment to building the very best cases

Rubber feet are included for a finishing touch
Designed and Made in USA
Good ventilation & More Room For HDMI Cable
GPIO access & rubber feet!
For Raspberry Pi3, 2 B and 2B (Not included)

Valor: USD14,50

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