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ASUS Memopad HD7 (ME176CX) 7" Android Tableta Y Estuche-

Estado del Producto: Usado

Generally this is in excellent condition as it has been kept in a protective case (also included) from new

There are a few minor scratches on the back corners where it has been in and out of the case
Nothing major and not visible from the front or when in the case
This is the only reason I'd say that makes it anything other than perfect condition

The case is magnetic so puts the tablet into standby mode when you close it
It also acts as a stand when the tablet is in use
Ideal for watching videos

Micro SD slot allows storage capacity to be expanded
Micro SD card not included

Original box and charger are included, but I can't find the original USB cable at present
As we are in the process of moving house, I doubt that I'll find it anytime soon, so it is being sold without the micro USB cable
It's not a manufacture specific cable, just a standard one you probably already have lying around

Any questions please ask before bidding

Valor: GBP 45,00

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