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Dainese hombre moto chaqueta de cuero, tamaño 56-

Estado del Producto: Pre-owned

I got this brand new and used it for probably less than 10 times (total usage should be 10 hours or less) before I was told that I am going to be a dad
It has been sitting in the closet since
Kid is now 3 years old and I still don't see myself riding again anytime soon
It has no tears, rips, and has never touch any ground/dirt/road/asphalt/etc
, although a little cleaning will probably make it shine better (from the closet time)
It is a bummer

So I hope someone else can make good use of it
Unfortunately, I don't have the specific model information
I paid $700 something for it
It is a size 56

Valor: USD399,00

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