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Para Raspberry Pi Camera-Ffc Extendida contactos Para Soldar Cable: pi-cables-

Estado del Producto: Nuevo

This is a brand-new, high quality, FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) set of extended contacts specially produced for soldering FRCtm (Flexible Round Cable) or similar cables (see shop)

You will receive the single part shown in the image (not the parts shown below for comparison with normal FFC contacts):
1 x FFC extended contacts
The indents in the normal contacts show the additional area in the extended version for soldering wires

Should you have any questions or problems - we are here to help (please use eBay messaging or email [email protected]

We will try to dispatch same day, providing order is received by 15:00

Customized, ready-to-use FRC(Flexible Round Cable) for use with your camera/display: pi-cables
Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Disclaimer: pi-cables is not part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Valor: GBP 1,49

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