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Motorola Droid RAZR XT912 - 16GB-Negro (Verizon) Teléfono Inteligente-

Estado del Producto: Para desguace o que no funciona

- Up for sale is a Motorola Droid Razr 16GB Smartphone from Verizon - The phone is being sold for parts or repair because the Sim Reader does not work and the battery dies very quickly

- The phone has some marks around the border and back cover
The screen also has some scratches

- We do not see the water damage indicator

What works/ What We Test For:
- LCD Screen
- Touch Screen
- Charger Port
- Loud Speaker
- All Buttons
No further testing was done

ESN/IMEI Status:
- We do not know the status of the ESN/IMEI or if the phone can be used on the Verizon Network
What is NOT Included:
- Charger
- Original Sim Card
What is Included:
- Internal Battery
- Back Cover
If You have any questions please ask

Valor: USD29,99

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