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Extrusor Chimera 3D printer V6 j-head hotend multicolor 0.4 / 1.75 mm " Tools

Estado del Producto: Nuevo

Material: aluminum alloy, sand blasting oxidation treatment
E3D single head and double color mixed color spray head heat sink Chimera E3D
Package list:
1* aluminum heat quickly;
2* chimera stainless steel pipes (through Teflon and the original two optional);
2* V6 heating aluminum block;
2* e3D pointed lettering brass nozzle (supplies 1
75MM with 0
2* straight joint connector;
2* heating rod (40W 12V)
2* thermal resistor
1* 30*30*10mm new original fan;
3* Twist the top wire small wrench;
1* twist the nozzle small wrench;

Valor: 59,00 EUR

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