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Para Raspberry Pi Cámara - 2xFFC Extended contactos para Soldar Cable: Pi-Cables-

Estado del Producto: Nuevo

This is a pair of brand-new, high quality, FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) set of extended contacts specially produced for soldering FRCtm (Flexible Round Cable) or similar cables (see shop)

You will receive the 2 parts shown in the image (not the parts shown below for comparison with normal FFC contacts):
2 x FFC extended contacts
The indents in the normal contacts show the additional area in the extended version for soldering wires

Should you have any questions or problems - we are here to help (please use eBay messaging or email [email protected]

We will try to dispatch same day, providing order is received by 15:00

Customized, ready-to-use FRC(Flexible Round Cable) for use with your camera/display: pi-cables
Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Disclaimer: pi-cables is not part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Valor: GBP 1,99

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