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ASUS Maximus Extreme, Lga 1155/IV Zócalo H2, Intel (90-mibeca-G0EAY00Z) Motherbo-

Estado del Producto: Para desguace o que no funciona

This is a fully tested motherboard in working order
It has been running very well, however early in its life had a few pins bent and three broken
The broken ones are two VSS and one VCC pin which are completely non-critical to function and won't affect anything
One more thing, there is a code 10 ('device cannot start') in device manage on the 'standard SATA AHCI controller', but I think there is a driver missing
It has always been like this and never noticed it until I saw it before listing the board on ebay
It seems not to affect anything too
All the above is the reason why it is advertised as 'for parts or not working' although it is and has been working for me very well

Please note: no returns will be accepted for any reason as there might be issues I never managed to identify
There won't be returns for any reason
So bear this in mind before buying

The board comes with I/O shield, 3-way Ali bridge, RC Bluetooth add-in card, crossfire bridge (2-way) and some probe cables

Valor: GBP 119,99

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