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ASUS MAXIMUS V Gen Socket LGA 1155 H Z77 Intel Placa Madre mATX-

Estado del Producto: Para desguace o que no funciona

This board is a manufacturer refurbished one
It was sent to the manufacturer for repair and received back, tested, stress-tested and physicaly checked
It is working fine
There seem to be two missing cpu socket pins but they both are non-critical to function

It has been fully tested again before listing on ebay

It is advertised as 'for parts or not working' only because if the motherboard is unplugged from the PSU or if the PSU is unplugged from the mains then it doesn't keep the BIOS settings
If the motherboard is receiving power, even on idle (while the PC is turned off, but PSU is switched on idle), then no problem; the settings will be kept
This problem is very easy to overcome, as you can save your settings onto one of the several OC profiles in the BIOS and reload them, if you need to unplug the system from the mains, or if you need to switch off your power supply

One of the ram slots clips is broken, but this does not affect anything
Just a cosmetic blemish

This is a board-only offer
No I/O shield is included
No accessories included
None of the other pictured items are included
Board only

It is a fantastic board for a great price

Buy with confidence from a trusted seller

Valor: GBP 179,99

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