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Provide safety level 4 laser pen USB interface

Avisos Clasificados Gratis de Viviendas e Inmuebles en Chile


Many laser pointers are flooded in the market, but most people still choose green lasers for all kinds of demonstration areas of lighting fixtures. Green laser pen low power consumption is only the most obvious score a good tool and the brightest in the dark. Laser 532nm green pointer is dual frequency laser DPSS is very common.

This green light laser pointer is a special laser that emits light from the invisible person, highlighting the 532nm laser beam with a visible wavelength of red wavelengths of the naked eye. The laser provides the most special source of visible light industrial adjustment, medical, scientific research, night vision lighting and positioning.
  • Autor: Kitlaser Kevin

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  • Ciudad, Estado, Pais: Cabo De Hornos, Magallanes Y Antartica Chilena, Chile

  • Categoria del Anuncio: Pisos y Apartamentos - Cabo De Hornos, Chile


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